Rev. Kasey Kaseman, Interfaith & Nonprofit Leader

For many decades “Kasey” Kaseman has worked to bring diverse people together in faith and shared vision. He has helped provide health care for our lower-income neighbors. Former Montgomery County (Maryland) Executive Ike Leggett created an Interfaith Liaison position and brought Kasey in to run the office. His work at Community Reach (formerly Community Ministries of Rockville), Interfaith WorksManna, and other important nonprofits has made an enormous difference in our county. In my “kibbitz” with Kasey, he shared stories of racial division in his childhood and formative years. I hadn’t known that he had served as part of a security detail for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. too! You’ll want to listen to the countless accomplishments of this longtime activist leader and difference-maker. This episode of “Kibbitzing with Kagan” was recorded on July 22, 2021.