NG911 Bill Hearings

February 16, 2021 
Dear 9-1-1 Colleague:

I hope you are staying safe in these stressful times. As Chair of the NG911 Commission, I have introduced five bills this legislative session to enhance our emergency services. Below you’ll find details about each proposal and the hearing date:
  • SB101 – Interference With 9-1-1 – Swatting, TDOS, & DDOS Prohibitions (Commission);
    • Hearing 1/20 in the Judicial Proceedings Committee
    • [No vote has been taken yet.]
  • SB645 – 9–1–1 Board – Procurement Reform;
    • Hearing 2/17 in the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee
    • NOTE: After continuing to hear your concerns, I will be offering an amendment. We would require the Procurement Improvement Council to review contracts greater than $500,000 and submit a report to the NG911 Commission in September.
  • SB658 – Maryland Department of Emergency Management – Establishment and Transfer of Maryland 9-1-1 Board (Commission);
    • Hearing 2/17 in the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee
    • This shifts MEMA to an independent agency and moves an autonomous 9-1-1 Board under MEMA.
  • SB631 – Statewide 3–1–1 Nonemergency Telephone System; and
    • Hearing 2/23 in the Judicial Proceedings Committee
    • NOTE: There are a number of small details we aren’t yet ready to address. Rather than instituting a statewide 3-1-1 system now, we will create a workgroup to prepare recommendations for the 2022 legislative session.
  • SB714 – 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone System – Alterations (Commission – Omnibus).
    • Hearing 3/9 in the Finance Committee
    • This is the big bill with the Commission’s recommendations.

Due to COVID-19, our hearings are held via Zoom and live-streamed on the General Assembly website. While this is not ideal, it does provide greater flexibility for witnesses. Bill Ferretti was able to testify on SB101 from North Carolina, and Chief Richard Brooks will be speaking on SB658 from Florida! If you are interested in providing written or oral testimony on any of these bills, my office would be happy to assist. Thank you to Senator Reilly, (NOW) Senator Jackson, and Delegate Krebs for their partnership on these important public safety upgrades.


Cheryl C. Kagan
State Senator, District 17
(Gaithersburg & Rockville)
P.S.: Each day I have been wearing masks from governments, nonprofits, and businesses in my district. Chief Brooks was kind enough to send me a mask from Cecil County. If you would like to send me a 9-1-1 mask, I would be honored to wear it on the Senate floor!