Maryland State Firemen’s Association Voting To Change Name

June 15, 2022


Written by Cheyenne Corbin

MARYLAND (DC News Now) — Over the weekend firefighters from around Maryland are coming together to Ocean City for their annual conference.

One item on the agenda is voting to rename the Maryland State Firemen’s Association to Maryland State Firefighter’s Association.

44 state fire-fighting organizations have legally changed their names to be gender inclusive. Senator Cheryl Kagan has been named legislator of the year by the association for the past two years and says the name is sexist and inaccurate especially because three of Maryland’s largest counties have fire chiefs who are women.

She urges those who are voting this weekend to think of all the women who risk their lives for our safety who are not reflected by the name of the association.

“The symbols matter inclusion matters,” said Sen. Kagan. “We need diversity and inclusion whether it comes to race or ethnicity or geography or socio-economic status, or gender.”