March-ing into the Final Days of Session…

March 26, 2021
Dear Friend:
Chag Sameach (or Happy Holidays) to those observing Passover– a celebration of liberation from slavery. In a time where racial injustice is still prominent in our society, I am grateful that the General Assembly is addressing some of these issues. Next year, may we all be vaccinated and able to celebrate together!
Opening the Vaccine Floodgates
Vaccination appointments are now open to those categorized under Phase 2A. Next week, Phase 2B individuals will also be able to register. This rapid shift in demand with minimal supply will likely only lead to more frustrated Marylanders.
On a positive note, the Governor finally decided that a Mass Vax Site at Montgomery College in Germantown will open on April 5th! We are also anticipating additional vaccine doses from the Federal Government in the near future. To schedule an appointment, click here.
FYI: Vaccine sites at Quince Orchard and Richard Montgomery High Schools will be closing next week. I’m concerned that residents who received their first shot at one of these locations will need to identify a new location for their second. If you face this predicament, feel free to contact my office.

Moving the Legislative “Needle”
After several double floor sessions before “Crossover Day,” 12 of my bills made it past a significant checkpoint on their way to becoming law. Among others, I am thrilled that my Statewide 3-1-1 bill passed unanimously in the Senate. This legislation will prepare Maryland to implement this non-emergency service statewide. Endorsed by the Governor and the Maryland Emergency Management Agency, this will expand 3-1-1, already available in MoCo and 5 other counties.
Additionally, my emergency telehealth legislation will likely go to the Governor’s desk in the coming days, and my bill to repeal Maryland’s State Song is inching closer to the finish line!
Adjusting the Blueprint’s Trajectory
Last year, Gov. Larry Hogan vetoed the Kirwan Commission’s Blueprint for Maryland’s Future– a 10-year plan to improve our public schools. The General Assembly overrode his veto at the start of this session, but we are now a year behind.
This year, leadership introduced “Kirwan 2.0” to address the Governor’s delay and bridge the gap created by the pandemic. With an urgent need for summer school and tutoring, as well as more broadband infrastructure, this legislation will provide additional support for our students, teachers, and administrators.
Reducing Maryland’s Carbon Footprint
The time to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions is NOW. The Climate Solutions Now Act of 2021 passed the Senate and is one step closer to becoming law. The bill would require 5 million trees to be planted across MD; shift our state vehicle fleet and commuter buses to electric; introduce solar panels as part of new school building designs; and much more.

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Cheryl C. Kagan
State Senator, District 17
(Gaithersburg & Rockville)
PS: Yesterday was Maryland Day! My staff and I donned our MD apparel in celebration. If you aren’t familiar with the history, you can learn more through the State Archives.