Oct. 1 Marks Start of New Laws on Traffic, Pets, Stalking

September 30, 2022

Montgomery Community Media

Saturday marks the start of a new month and the enforcement of numerous new laws in Maryland.

Beginning Oct. 1, drivers must move to another lane or slow down when approaching any stopped, standing or parked vehicle displaying warning signals and not just for police. This also is mandated when there are road flares, traffic cones and other caution signals.

Children under two years of age must be placed in a rear-facing car seat.

On all roads, except when passing another vehicle going in the same direction, any vehicle going 10 miles or more below the maximum speed must travel in the right-hand lane.

It now will be illegal to stop, stand or park in a marked parking space for plug-in electric vehicles unless using the charging equipment.

The definition of stalking now includes the use of electronic communication or through a device that can pinpoint or track the location of another without the person’s knowledge or consent.

A new law requires the State Highway Administration to conduct an infrastructure review of all pedestrian or bicycle fatalities that occur on a state highway or at an intersection with a state highway. The highway administration must identify problems and corrective actions. This review must be completed within six months.

As of Oct. 1, cat declawing is illegal unless the procedure is necessary for a therapeutic purpose. Maryland is only the second state to ban declawing, according to State Sen. Cheryl Kagan.

In other animal-related laws, it is against the law to leave a dog outside and unattended for more than 30 minutes if there isn’t access to continuous suitable shelter or shade during extreme temperatures.

Also, Maryland will begin prohibiting the calculation of damages for loss of earnings resulting from a personal injury or wrongful date from being reduced due to a person’s race, ethnicity or gender.