No witty headline… but worth reading just the same! — September 17, 2020

September 17, 2020
Dear Friend:
As we approach the Jewish High Holidays, I wish you and your family a sweet New Year. I hope 5781 is full of peace and positivity, regardless of your faith.
Staying Safe in MoCo
Two weeks ago, counties were given the option to begin Phase 3 of reopening. Montgomery County remains in Phase 2 but is now allowing live music (no dancing yet!) at restaurants. County officials will continue to evaluate which safety measures could be relaxed in the coming weeks. Once our County leaders determine that it is safe to move to Phase 3, I look forward to crossing paths again in the community!
Protecting Yourself and Others
In case you missed my lighthearted one-minute video about #MaskOnMD, Montgomery County officials announced a similar campaign called #MaskUpMoCo. Please keep wearing your mask correctly whenever you are in public to promote safety for all!
Providing Oversight
During Coronavirus, it seems that we have all become experts in holding meetings virtually. Del. Korman and I filed a complaint against the State Board of Elections (SBE) for not being sufficiently accessible to the public. This caused the SBE to implement changes, including live video-streaming its meetings as required by our law. Transparency is a key component of the public’s confidence in government. I am crafting yet more legislation for 2021.
What to Expect When You’re Voting: A Series (Part 3)
In addition to the races for President/Vice President, Congress, Board of Education, and of the Sitting Judges, six questions will appear on your ballot. I will share my recommendations over the next several weeks to help you prepare.
Support the Sitting Judges:
To be clear, I don’t believe that judges should be candidates on the ballot at all. They should be independent and nonpartisan. Forcing them to fundraise and campaign diminishes the credibility of our judicial system. For this reason, both the Democratic and Republican Parties have long endorsed the “Sitting Judges.” These jurists have been nominated, vetted, researched, and interviewed by countless community leaders and organizations. Please join me in voting FOR Judges Bibi Berry, David Boynton, Christopher Fogleman, and Michael McAuliffe.
Delivering the Wrong Message!
The Postal Service recently sent a postcard with inaccurate information regarding the November Election. The messaging was designed to be generic for all states– with rough deadlines and vague details. If you got a card from the USPS with election information, please ignore it and refer to the specific dates and deadlines for Maryland provided by the State Board of Elections. The Board’s website even has a new page for “rumor control.” If you still have not applied for a mail-in ballot, you can do so online today!

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Cheryl C. Kagan
State Senator, District 17
(Gaithersburg & Rockville)
PS: Rockville is commemorating September as National Recovery Month by “going purple.” Downtown Rockville and Montgomery County’s Veterans Plaza have been decorated in purple lights and photos celebrating lives recovered as we remember those we have lost.  Consider participating in the City’s Narcan training or virtual run/walk/bike event.