My Thoughts on the Upcoming Election (Oct. 27, 2016)

Dear Friend:

After a long, bruising, and ugly campaign, we are finally nearing the finish line; Early Voting started across the state today!  To avoid long lines common on Election Day, please consider taking advantage of this opportunity.  You can vote at ANY

Early Voting location in your home county between now and November 3rd.  All the details are here.

In Montgomery County and around the state, there are several ballot measures. I want to especially flag Question B, another ill-advised proposal from gadfly Robin Ficker, which would impose term limits on our County Council and Executive. I strongly oppose this, as it empowers unelected and unaccountable lobbyists and staffers. Voters already have the power to end elected officials’ terms every four years–they’re called elections!  Please join the teachers, the Democratic Party, and me inopposing Question B.

In addition to the ballot measures, we are (obviously) also voting for President, Senator, Congress, and School Board. I believe that Hillary Clinton will be a thoughtful, effective, and progressive leader as well as a widely respected Commander-in-Chief.  Frankly, I find the alternative candidate to be completely unacceptable and pretty frightening.  In these next few days, I hope you will talk with friends, neighbors, and ANYONE else you can think of to get out and vote for Secretary Clinton!  #ImWithHer  

  • Chris Van Hollen has been working for us in Congress since 2003. He will be an extraordinary U.S. Senator with your support.
  • My friend and Senate colleague Jamie Raskin is known as one of America’s most brilliant advocates for civil rights, the environment, economic justice, and other progressive issues. I am looking forward to calling him my Congressman!
  • Gaithersburg is lucky to have Congressman John Delaney as our voice in Congress.  Let’s send him back to continue his work on common sense legislation.

I hope to continue to work with Chris, Jamie, & John on behalf of the residents of Rockville & Gaithersburg.

Clearly, without strong, smart, progressive partners in Congress, a President’s power is limited. SHE will need leaders like Chris, Jamie, and John to fight on issues like climate change, fair wages, economic opportunity, and affordable education. Those of us who live in Rockville and Gaithersburg would be lucky to have these legislators as our representatives!   

You can keep up with legislative news and events through my FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. For information on Senatorial Scholarships, District 17 issues, and more, please visit my website.  You can send your questions or comments to me via email.



Cheryl C. Kagan

State Senator, District 17

Rockville & Gaithersburg


P.S.  Do you know someone who’s not yet registered to vote? During Early Voting only, residents can register or change their address… and then cast a ballot! Learn more here

P.P.S. Look for a preview of my 2017 legislative agenda soon.