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Public Interest Podcast: Fundraising for Foundations

December 1, 2017
by Jordan Cooper
Public Interest Podcast
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Maryland State Senator Cheryl Kagan and Community Ministries of Rockville‘s Executive Director, Agnes Saenz, discuss fundraising for foundations. Listen to the full episode here!

Senator Critical Of State’s Response To Making Websites Multilingual

October 25, 2017
by Anne Kramer
WBAL NewsRadio 1090
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A Maryland senator is criticizing the Hogan administration over it’s response to a new law that requires government websites be multilingual.

Montgomery County Senator Cheryl Kagan’s legislation was approved and signed by the Governor several years ago.

She tells WBAL News Radio 1090 that after studying more than 112 websites they found the majority were in only available only in English. Senator Kagan says that is a problem for people who don’t have English as their primary language, for international companies considering relocating to Maryland and for travel and tourism.

The law that was passed requires that the websites be available in Spanish and Chinese.

Kagan says there was no real cost to the state because the Google Translate widget is available for free, but it needs to be installed by state workers.

Back in August, Kagan says she learned that only twelve-percent of the websites had the widget put on and were able to be read by those who speak Spanish and Chinese.

She says several weeks later, she discovered that state workers had bumped that up to 39 percent of the websites.

Kagan says she was still shocked to see it has taken so long to put this in place. The final day that the websites were supposed to multilingual was last October.

WBAL News Radio 1090 asked Senator Kagan if Maryland should make English the official language. She says it takes seven years for someone to learn English comfortably when it is not their native language.

Supporters of paid sick leave call for override of Gov. Hogan’s veto

May 30, 2017
by Tom Roussey
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KENSINGTON, Md. (ABC7) — Several dozen people rallied in Kensington Tuesday afternoon, calling on the Maryland General Assembly to override the governor’s veto of a paid sick time bill. Republican Governor Larry Hogan vetoed the bill on Thursday, saying it would be “disastrous to our state economy.”

The bill the General Assembly passed would have required five days of paid sick time at businesses with 15 or more employees.

The governor proposed a plan to give five days of paid sick time at businesses with 50 or more employees. He also wants to give tax breaks to encourage businesses smaller than that to provide paid sick time.

“For companies of over 50 people – businesses that size already provide that kind of benefit because it’s a competitive advantage,” said State Senator Cheryl Kagan (D – Rockville/Gaithersburg), who plans to vote to override the veto.

She spoke at Tuesday’s rally and says Hogan’s bill won’t help the employees of smaller businesses who need paid sick leave the most. Speakers at the rally said the bill would be a big help for families who have to take care of sick children.

But Hogan, who pulled off a rare win by a Republican in Maryland in part by running against what he calls excessive burdens on businesses, says the bill was “poorly written” and “deeply flawed.”

“If we allowed this legislation to go into effect next January…it would make Maryland less competitive in our region,” Hogan said Thursday while announcing he was vetoing the bill. “It would kill small businesses and jeopardize thousands of Maryland jobs.”

There is not likely to be any resolution for the bill until the General Assembly reconvenes in January. Although it passed both houses with veto-proof majorities, supporters of an override cannot afford to lose even a single vote in the state senate. The bill passed there with 29 votes, which is the minimum needed to override a veto. No Republican state senators voted for the bill, and four Democrats joined them in voting no.

Acts Warm up for Sold Out UnNaugural Concert (Photos & Video)

January 20, 2017
Montgomery Community Media
by Phyllis Armstrong
View the Full Article (Including Photos & Video From the UnNaugural Concert!) Here

Progressive-minded people, political leaders and representatives from nonprofit organizations are preparing to show support for their causes at tonight’s UnNaugural Concert.

Tickets are sold out for the 500-seat auditorium inside the Cultural Arts Center at Montgomery College in Silver Spring. Five musical acts are performing at tonight’s concert.

Nationally-touring groups, including Sweet Honey in the Rock, Brother Sun, Josh White, Jr., Tret Fire and Emma’s Revolution prepared for the concert with sound checks at the Cultural Arts Center.

Maryland State Senator Cheryl Kagan organized the event to raise money for progressive organizations whose missions are targets of the Trump administration. “Tonight’s concert will be a positive and uplifting way to kick off this weekend when countless numbers of women and men will gather to show their support of progressive causes and make their voices heard at the Women’s March on Washington on Saturday,” says Kagan.

Several of Montgomery County’s elected officials are making remarks at tonight’s event, including County Executive Ike Leggett and Congressman Jamie Raskin.

Proceeds from the UnNaugural Concert will go to the American Civil Liberties Union, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, the League of Conservation Voters, the National LGBTQ Task Force and Planned Parenthood. Contributions for these groups are being accepted at

Opposition holds alternative inauguration events

January 17, 2017
by Kristi King
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WASHINGTON — While Donald Trump celebrates this week with a Thursday concert and inaugural balls Friday, alternative events will host people who don’t support the incoming administration.

The venues and related entertainment are diverse, happening everywhere from the Black Cat on 14th Street NW to the National Museum of African American History and Culture on the National Mall.

But, the events share a theme.

“We can stay focused on the issues, focused on the opportunity to mobilize to speak out and to do our jobs as Americans,” said Maryland Sen. Cheryl Kagan, who is hosting Friday’s UnNaugural Concert in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Most of the events have reached capacity or are sold out, but Kagan hopes the spirit of their intentions will endure.

“Protest where appropriate, but stay engaged and advocate for the issues that concern us most,” Kagan said.

Kagan’s sold-out event will benefit Planned Parenthood, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, the League of Conservation Voters and the National LGBTQ Task Force.

“We’ve got folks from 19 states that’ve bought tickets,” Kagan said.

A concert Thursday evening at the 9:30 club in Northwest D.C. will feature rapper Common and indie rock band The National.

“Show Up! Is more than a concert — it’s a call to action for supporters of reproductive freedom to take action wherever they are,” Planned Parenthood said on its website.

It’s unclear whether tickets are available to the public, DCist reports organizations partnering for the event will be given tickets to distribute.

At last check there were still $15 tickets to the all-ages DISRUPT J20: A Benefit for Diverse City Fund concert being held at the Rock & Roll Hotel, on H Street Northeast, 8 p.m. Friday.

Many of the gatherings also will act as fundraisers “to raise money for causes that are most threatened by the incoming administration,” Kagan said of her UnNaugural Concert.