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Maryland League of Conservation Voters: July 23, 2015

Fighting Freshman Sen. Cheryl Kagan Receives 100 % LCV Rating

MyMcMedia Interview, April 28, 2015

Sen. Cheryl Kagan on the Purple Line

Maryland Lawmakers Work to Provide Fertility Benefits for Married Lesbian Couples

By Kirstin Garriss

ANNAPOLISMd. – In 2013, same sex marriage became law in Maryland. Two years later, lawmakers are working on bringing equality to health benefits.

“This is about updating our laws in order to reflect the reality that two women can be married and want to start a family. They deserve the same kind of health care coverage that straight couples would have if they’re having trouble conceiving ” said Senator Cheryl Kagan, (D) Montgomery County. View video…


Organ Donor Signups Would Be Expanded Under Maryland Lawmaker’s Bill

Senator Kagan Sponsors Bill to Save Lives

by Sonya Burke

State Senator Cheryl Kagan of District 17 has introduced an organ donation bill to expand entry points to Maryland’s registry in order to enlarge the donor pool and shorten the wait for those in need of transplants.

“This bill is about saving lives,” said Kagan. “Expanding our transplant registry will allow us to find a match for the approximately 3,600 Marylanders on waiting lists.” Read more…

VIDEO: Organ Donor Expansion Bill Aims to Save Lives

By Gillian Morleylondon_live

ANNAPOLIS — An estimated 3,600 Marylanders are currently awaiting life-saving organ transplants. Lawmakers in Annapolis are considering legislation that would help facilitate organ donation and raise the state from 27th in the nation for organ donation registration.  See video…

Maryland Bill Would Help Secure Fertility Coverage For Lesbian Couples

The state of Maryland has been at the forefront nationally regarding equality laws for same-sex couples. But advocates say there are still plenty of gaps, and a state senator from Montgomery County intends to close one of them.

Democrat Cheryl Kagan says health insurance carriers can still deny coverage for fertility treatments to lesbian couples.  Listen here…

Senator Cheryl Kagan, District 17

Yolanda Vazquez is on location in Annapolis Maryland with Maryland State Senator from District 17 Cheryl Kagan. They discuss the the 2015 Legislative Session. Follow Maryland State Senator Cheryl Kagan on Facebook and Twitter. Taped 01/28/15.

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Washington Jewish Week, January 29, 2015

Senator Cheryl C. Kagan Sworn-In in Annapolis