Governor Hogan Doubles Down on Support for School Start Mandate

In his press conference, Hogan cited Democratic politicians who he said previously supported the mandate to start school after labor day.

Hogan argued starting school after labor day is popular with Marylanders and its only politicians and “paid political operatives” who want to overturn the mandate.

“We simply cannot and we will not allow misguided and misinformed legislators and special interest groups to turn back the clock and ignore the people of Maryland,” said Hogan.

O’Neill questioned the credibility of a survey that Hogan cites about Marylanders support for the mandate. She said that she understands local businesses want more business Labor Day weekend, but she said that academics need to come first.

“We have to deal with academic achievement; we have to deal with kids who needs meals in schools,” said O’Neill. “We have thousands of high school athletes in the state of Maryland who return around August 10th every year to begin fall sports that’s set because of the way the athletic schedule falls and playoffs. So thousands of high school students, regardless of whether we start before or after labor day, are already back on our school grounds in early August.”