Bringing a ‘Taste of District 17’ to Annapolis (February 2, 2017)

February 2, 2017

Dear Friend:

Thanks to everyone who joined us for District 17 Night in Annapolis. Your Delegates and I were glad to host you on Monday evening. If you missed it, you can read a bit and try to join us next year for policy, politics, delicious food, and activism when it is most needed!

Your District 17 Legislative Team. From left to right: Del. Jim Gilchrist, Del. Andrew Platt, Sen. Cheryl Kagan, and Del. Kumar Barve.

Friends & Neighbors Visit the Capitol!
It was great fun to welcome activists and elected officials from Rockville and Gaithersburg. We were honored to be joined by many of our House and Senate colleagues from across the state, as well as Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker.

Sen. Kagan with Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker
Rockville’s own Dawson’s Market created a ‘Taste of District 17’ buffet that reflected the culinary and ethnic diversity of our district.
Following speeches that summarized our respective legislative agendas, we led our guests to the Senate and House chambers, where we could welcome everyone as they watched us in action.
We hope that even more of our constituents will join us next year! 

Facing Off on MPT’s ‘State Circle’

Last Friday, I joined Sen. Salling (R-Baltimore County) on MPT’s State Circle to discuss the presidential Inauguration, my UnNaugural Concert, and how we expect the new President to affect Maryland. Our interview begins at 13:45 of this video.
Prohibiting Fracking in Maryland
After strategic conversations with several Senate leaders, I have signed on as a co-sponsor of the bill to ban fracking. As I told many constituents on Monday, my initial hesitation came from concerns that Governor Larry Hogan could be inclined to veto a ban. If the legislature doesn’t have enough votes to override the veto, fracking could begin in Western Maryland. I am now cautiously confident that leaders in the General Assembly will work hard to achieve a veto override if one is needed.
Proud to work with Trash-Free Maryland, scientists, and environmental advocates to ban Styrofoam

Banning Harmful Polystyrene
Yesterday, I was joined by environmental activists from across the state as I presented SB186. Del. Brooke Lierman (D-Baltimore City) is sponsoring the bill in the House.

Styrene, the main chemical in polystyrene, has been shown to increase the risk of leukemia and lymphoma for workers who handle it in manufacturing and may cause miscarriages. It is neither biodegradable or compostable, so it collects forever in our landfills, on our streets, and  in our waterways. In water, polystyrene breaks into small pieces that are eaten by fish, bringing harmful styrene into our food chain.
Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, DC, Gaithersburg, and 80 jurisdictions in 8 other states have already banned polystyrene/Styrofoam. As demand increases, the cost of more environmentally and health friendly packaging is likely to decrease. Already though, Montgomery County Public Schools’ food service staff negotiated an equal cost for ‘green’ lunch trays. Manufacturing polystyrene is big business, so I wasn’t surprised to see groups like the American Chemical Council (representing Dow, DuPont, and ExxonMobil) opposing my legislation.
Making Name Restoration Easier After a Divorce
Currently, to restore a maiden name following a divorce, one must file a motion with the court. The proposed change must be advertised in the local paper, where anyone (including ex-partners) can object and call for a hearing. In addition to being expensive, the process is time-consuming and could endanger domestic violence survivors hiding from past abusers. Name changes can also create barriers to voting when the name on one’s ID does not match the one on voter registration files. My bill, SB83, passed the full Senate unanimously this morning.

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Cheryl C. Kagan
State Senator, District 17
Rockville & Gaithersburg
PS:  What will you be doing on Valentine’s Day?  I will be presenting (with love!) both my 9-1-1 Bill and my Nonprofit Bridge Loan Bill before the Senate Finance Committee.  Learn more and consider spreading the word! (The hashtag #MDGA17 helps increase the visibility of your social media.)