January 9, 2018
by Nickolai Sukharev
The Sentinel
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Sen. Kagan said the Trump presidency is causing many issues for Maryland residents and requires care in crafting a response.

“The question is how to prioritize because there are so many alarming policies that have been enacted by this White House and this Congress,” Kagan said. “Marylanders will be deeply and directly affected.”

Kagan said she is concerned about political division she believes the Trump administration is causing. This division is affecting state government as well, she said.

“Our country is divided now in a way that is more extreme and more obvious than I have ever seen before,” Kagan said. “It starts at the White House, and certainly trickles down through Congress.” “The fact that this administration and this Congress doesn’t even pay the Democratic Party’s viewpoint into account when drafting policy is not only unfortunate but also offensive,” she added.

The budget is the biggest issue the state legislature faces in the upcoming legislative session, she said. “The budget is always the hurdle,” said Kagan. “We have a constitutional requirement to have a balanced budget, and there are a lot of Marylanders that are struggling, and yet we still want to have top-notch public schools, a clean environment, and provide support for those who needed it.”

Another of her top priorities is reforming the state’s 911 system.

“I have had two constituents die as result of 911 failure,” Kagan said. “We are vulnerable. Whether it is a train derailment, a freak weather accident, a (crash) on the Beltway, or, God forbid, a terrorist attack, Maryland is vulnerable and needs to move forward immediately.”