Cheryl Kagan | Maryland State Senator - District 17
Voting Info 2020

40,000 Maryland Ex-Cons May Soon Get Their Voting Rights Back – Mother Jones



Support Our Sitting Judges
Judges should be independent and nonpartisan—and not political candidates.

These sitting judges have been vetted carefully, and I endorse them.
 – Judge Bibi Berry
 – Judge David Boynton
 – Judge Christopher Fogleman
 – Judge Michael McAuliffe

Vote YES on Constitutional Amendment #1
Maryland is the only state that gives its Governor unchecked power over the budget. Constitutional Amendment #1 would provide the same ‘checks & balances’ that exists in every state. Sharing budgetary responsibility will reduce backroom deals and avoid wasteful spending. The budget must still be balanced, but in a more transparent and accountable way. This is the most important State ballot measure this year. I strongly urge you to vote YES.

The Washington Post Editorial Board also encourages Marylanders to vote YES on Question 1. 

Vote YES on Constitutional Amendment #2

This would allow sports wagering, which is already permitted in 22 other states. A portion of the revenue would be dedicated to funding public education. I encourage you to vote YES on this measure.

Vote YES on Charter Question A
This sets a consistent tax rate that allows us to fund schools, libraries, and parks. Your property tax rate will remain the same unless the County Council votes unanimously to change it. Please vote YES on Question A.

Vote NO on Charter Question B
This is gadfly Robin Ficker’s latest scheme. Don’t limit our county’s future! County law already requires a unanimous Council vote to exceed the Charter’s property tax cap. Question B would remove the flexibility to act in a crisis like COVID-19. A bipartisan group of leaders strongly opposes this measure.

Keep Your Majority Vote
Currently, each Montgomery County voter elects five of our nine Councilmembers–one in our district and four at-large. This means that each of us has five Councilmembers–a majority of the nine-member
Council–focused on representing our interests.

Vote NO on Charter Question C
Question C proposes to increase our County Council from 9 to 11 members–and we lose our chance to elect a majority. This proposal had no public hearings and will increase the cost of running our government when we need to be trimming our expenses.

Vote NO on Charter Question D
Question D would establish nine single-member districts, meaning that we would each vote for only one Councilmember. Other jurisdictions that tried this model found that it led to parochialism, vote-trading, and a lack
of countywide perspective.

How do I obtain a mail-in ballot?


  1. Visit the Mail-in Ballot Request page on the State Board of Elections website.
  2. Fill out the request form.
    • (NOTE: DO NOT REQUEST INTERNET DELIVERY. This ballot cannot be scanned through ballot-counting machines. It must be hand-copied by a bipartisan team of poll workers onto a scannable ballot before it can be counted.)
  3. Submit or Postmark by the deadline of October 20th.

Using your mailed ballot application:

  1. Fill out the application.
  2. Drop it in a USPS mailbox (postage is already paid!) or a ballot drop-off box near you. 

Casting Your Vote

Upon completing your ballot, you may return it (postage is paid!) by placing it in a USPS mailbox or by taking it to a ballot drop-off box in your area.

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