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Hon. Bruce Adams, Big Train Baseball

oCo native. County Councilmember. Father of “Community Service Day.” Founder of “Big Train Baseball” in Bethesda. Head of the Office of Community Outreach. And SO much more! Please watch my “kibbitz” with Bruce Adams. He’s done all that while staying[...]

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Steve Souder, Vice Chair NG911 Commission

This episode of “Kibbitzing with Kagan” was recorded on November 16, 2020.[...]

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Diane Vu, MoCo Office of Community Partnerships

Diane Vu’s Office of Community Partnerships, was the key leader of the Montgomery County Census outreach efforts. Learn more about both here as I “kibbitzed” with her and her important work! This episode of “Kibbitzing with Kagan” was recorded on[...]

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Hon. Gene Counihan

Former educator, former legislator, former lobbyist for the Governor and our Metro system. Longtime community leader in the arts, small business, higher education, and more. Cherished mentor and friend. This episode of “Kibbitzing with Kagan” was recorded on November 4,[...]

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Charlie Scott, WMATA

Bus and train ridership is drastically down due to the Coronavirus. What is our Metro system doing to keep folks safe? What other challenges are they facing? Learn more in this brief chat with Charlie Scott, WMATA‘s government relations liaison.[...]

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Yvette Lewis, MD Democratic Party

This episode of “Kibbitzing with Kagan” was recorded on October 26, 2020.[...]

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Martin Rosendale, MD Tech Council

Martin is the Chief Executive Officer of the Maryland Tech Council, a partner with Newport LLC, and a partner at WMCS Investments. An engineer turned microbiologist and industry leader, Martin is passionate about the human and business value of technology,[...]

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Christopher Page, Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County

The Conflict Resolution Center of Montgomery County does important work and is even more important during the COVID pandemic.  This episode of “Kibbitzing with Kagan” was recorded on October 15, 2020.[...]

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Alysoun McLaughlin, Montgomery County Board of Elections

Worried about the safety of our voting centers? The accuracy of the count? Confused by the new process for November’s elections? Montgomery County Deputy Elections Administrator Alysoun McLaughlin answers these questions and more as we “kibbitz” about the upcoming election.[...]

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Judge Bibi Berry, Montgomery County Circuit Court

Montgomery County (Maryland) Circuit Court Judge Bibi Berry shares her journey to the bench. She is running with the “Sitting Judges” in the November 3, 2020 election. Learn more about her and her colleagues. This episode of “Kibbitzing with Kagan”[...]

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